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+1 for responding that quickly to it. I probably laughed for about 30 straight seconds after I hit the period key on that sentence.

You haven't contributed to this thread until the very first mention of gay innuendo popped up. I am disappoint.

i wanna know what kind of work headshot the angry, hilariousd, agnostic, Tre deuce hanging out with Bhuddist does.

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I also grabbed a Wild Blue Blueberry Lager just for ***** and giggles to see how it tasted and if you like desert wine then have at it but that's like the 8th beer I've had brewed with fruit and have never liked any of them so I think I'm officially done with the fruit brewed beer. My taste for beer and love of pretty much any fruit (pause to avoid Thursday joke again) just do not mix. I love both equally, but when they're mixed I just can't ******* go for it at all, it doesn't sit right.

is that the 8% anheiseur beer?

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Abita Amber is the smoooothest **** I ever tasted. Abita getting close to Samuel Smith for my favorite brewery.

Turbo Dog is one of the best beers I've ever tasted on tap. And I live in a part of the country that literally has five dozen microbrews in a 100 mile radius, all on tap at local bars. That said, Abita Andygator is a quick path to trouble--high octane pilsner that will eff you up quickly. Careful when that stuff is in season! But get a big plate of raw oysters and a couple of glasses of Andygator...nothing better in this world while sitting on a beach.

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8% ABV is pansy stuff. A single bottle of Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA is equivalent to about four regular beers AND it tastes like orange juice. There's da' shiznit fo' ya'.

i have had that 120 ipa and yes its a strong beer.

i have moonshine if im trying to muscle up some proof. it was more of a way to figure out if it was the same beer.

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So many people recommended that to me and I just didn't like it, again for the same reasons I stated about the Wild Blue. Fruit and beer just do NOT mix, at least not for my pallet.

I'm much more chocolate/roasted malt/coffee/hops oriented as far as the beers I really LOVE. But it's hard to just drink that **** during the summer at a pool party or hanging out on someone's back porch grilling because it's usually so thick and creamy.

I've tried to do the fruit/summer beer thing and I just can't. I've resorted to just going with Miller Lite because I can drink that **** like water.

You realize that the 120 minute IPA has zero fruit brewed in it, right? That's just the natural taste of the hops they use and the process of brewing. It seems like you prefer dark stouts and porters to brighter hoppy beers. Nothing wrong with that--everyone's tastes are different. But 120 minute IPA is not the same as a blueberry brewed beer. It's a "fruity" beer only in the sense that the hops impart that flavor. It's like how some people prefer light wrapper cigars while others prefer maduros. It's just a matter of taste.

Btw, given your tastes, I would STRONGLY recommend Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout and Young's Double Chocolate Stout. We've got a local brew that I suspect you would absolutely love, but I doubt you can get it without visiting this particular city and I'm not about to advertise that information on the interwebs. Suffice it to say, if you find yourself in the Rocky Mountain region then PM me and I'll hook you up.

Edit: JDaveG can back me up on this one. He wants me to drive a keg of this stuff to Atlanta so bad he can't stand it.

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