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Favorite Falcon of All-Time


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Patrick Kerney

Kevin Mathis

Michael Vick

Justin Griffith

Rod Coleman

Todd Weiner

2 years ago I'd have put Keith Brooking. Not now.


Roddy White



Brent Grimes

Brian Finneran (Kinda current, he's working out with them.)

Matt Ryan

William Moore

Michael Turner

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My fave was born from a few years of this little dude tearing my favorite college team apart. My grandpa played LB for Penn State in the late 50's early 60's. So, naturally I am a Penn State football fan by birth.

I watched Tim " White Lightning" Dwight tear the entire Big Ten up when he played for Iowa. When the Falcons ended up with him, I could only breathe a little sigh of relief.

He was one of the few bright spots in the debacle that was our one and only Super Bowl trip. That little dude played with more heart than most guys twice his size.(kinda the same reason I pull for Grimey)

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Ultimately, I will always go with "Neon Deion Prime Time" Sanders....was I happy that he left, or the way he left and then went to SF of all places? **** NO. But, he's the reason I became a fan of this team. A simply electric player that gave this team nat'l attention even when we didn't win alot of games.

After Deion, past favorites are:

Warrick Dunn

Andre Rison

Chris Miller

Terrance Mathis

*94-95 (Jeff George, 96 he pissed me off).

Jamal Anderson

Ray Buchanan

*William Andrews, by seeing highlights. This guy was a beast cut way short by knee injury.


Matt Ryan

Roddy White

right now on defense, Brent Grimes has been a new favorite the last two years. Incredible , underrated athlete IMO. Hopefully Spoon will rise up along with some others too.

I really like Abe, Turner and thought D.Robinson was a good signing last year, I hope he steps up more. I won't say these guys are true favorites, but I like them as Falcons.

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