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New York Mets vs Atlanta Braves

R.C. Collins

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At this rate, Dillon Gee should be getting a dividend check from Liberty Media because he flat out owns the Braves.

A rain delay long enough to get him out of the game is the only chance the Braves have now.

Dillon Gee is 7-0, with two wins already against the Braves. If he got the win tonight, that would be 8-0 with almost half his wins against these pitiful *****. Dickey throwing them off balance tomorrow seems like an eminent sweep, with the Rangers offense in town next.

This homestand ******* blows

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Right back to being no hitting slackers. TWENTY STRIKE OUTS in just 2 games. Parnel got 5 strike outs on just 32 pitches. :angry:

Mather has had only one game with risp. He looks pathetic at the plate most of the time.

Without our good pitching staff, we would be dead last in major league base ball. :angry:

get it together OFFENSE. :angry:

rant off

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Worst game I've ever been to and I've been to many since the 80's. Team played flat out pathetic. I did get Kimbrel to sign my 10mo old boys cap & we got a batting practice ball. Other than that, would have had more inspiring play had WR just went to a Savannah Sandnats game.

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#Braves are hitting a league-worst .220 in June w/ fourth-worst 48 runs, even though only Brewers (17) have more homers than Braves (16)

Brewers have scored 64 runs to ATL's 48 for June. D-backs also have 16 homers and have 63 runs to #Braves' 48 for month. Too homer-dependent

In the NL, only the #Nationals and #Padres have lower team BAs and OBPs than the #Braves (.239 avg, .307 OBP).

Against LHPs, #Braves' .226 avg is second-lowest in NL (Nationals .217) and Braves' .298 OBP and .340 slugging are both league worsts

This aggressive approach that Parrish and Gonzalez have put into place doesn't seem to be working. I'm not saying the aggressive approach is a bad thing, but it's just not working with our group of hitters.

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DOB twitter was flooded with comments about it last night. He didn't say too much about it though.

DOB rarely has a bad thing to say about any coach or any major player, no doubt because he wants to stay on good relations with his sources.

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