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Who will be your teams' biggest IMPACT freshman?

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i will be frank i don't believe we will have just 1 freshman to have a huge impact on our year and that's because we have a number of true frosh on a number of spots that have that potential. I will give my top 4.


Malcolm Mitchell

Ray Drew

Chris Conley

Crowell is an easy one because of his importance to our running game. Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Conley are two guys that will have a great chance of getting those reps and catches that aj green was getting. Ray Drew could step in and play early and end up starting at OLB for this team and give us a much needed pass rush. I know the thread is asking for 1, but I think all 4 of these guys could have huge impacts on this team.

I don't know what it is about MM, but I just have "that feeling" about him. I think he immediately became the most physically explosive WR as soon as he stepped on campus. His burst stands out on tape. The fact that he did so much in his first year at the position says that he still has a ton of upside too. Very exciting.

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Haha. I know right.

To be honest though, you took my guy...lol...I am very high on Corey Moore ever since the North/South All Star game in Columbus. Dude is going to be a beast.

I have to laugh as well, but I am a fan of Corey's. His cover skills are outstanding, and he will pop you.

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