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Battlefield 3: Hands on Impressions from E3

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I pulled this video from a Battlefield 3 fan site. These two guys had a chance to play Bf3 at E3, and made a video of their impressions.

If you don't want to listen to these two goobers talk for 20 minutes, here is a summary that was posted along with the video.

Very interesting, here is a little more concise summary of the main things they were talking about.

-Flashlight on weapon - sounds like it can be used to your advantage in close range by blinding enemies and also it's balanced out by enemies easily spotting you if you use it.

-Something about blurred edges when being suppressed, not sure if this is referring to a suppressed weapon or not?

-Prone is slow to get up, quite good judging by how easy it would be to hide in the huge maps.

-Vaulting over things is quite flawed so far.

-Up to 3 attachments (Scope, barrel, ammo, flashlight - anything else?)

-Regenerative health apparently not present, even in normal mode.

-Customisable clantags.

-The ground takes a lot more damage.

-No killcams but very clear from which direction you were killed.

-Spawning slightly flawed at this point, easily fixed.

-Lighting is "very excellent".

-Clear hitmarkers.

-Ammo and Med packs are physically huge.

Note: The version they played was pre-alpha, so there is potential for a lot to still be changed.

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-Something about blurred edges when being suppressed, not sure if this is referring to a suppressed weapon or not?

Probably talking about your screen going blurry when someone's shooting in your general direction, to mimic the effect of suppressive fire from LMG's and the like. Gives machine guns a little more tactical purpose rather than being an oversized AR with bad accuracy.

They had similar effects in some of the more popular mods for BF2 (Project Reality, AIX, etc.).

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pre alpha, yeah i bet a lot of changes will be made till release day

A few but not a lot, they got realistically 3 months to get feedback and change it... most will be minor bug fixes I doubt we see anything huge get intrdoduced.

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