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Lockout problem

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Ok, last time I checked after a union decertifies it takes I believe it takes 6 months to a year before a company can have a union in that paticular place again. Now lets say the CBA is settled tomorrow. Can there really even be football like we know it, how can you have a CBA for no union. there could be no union so wouldnt it be Owners signing players to private contracts with basically everyone being a free agent in what would be a full on fantasy draft. It looks like there may be some special rule bending for the NFLPA in this case. When I worked for Goodyear to get rid of the union we had and to get another union was going to have to be a 1 year waiting period to bring a new union in the plant.

could you imagine that Draft pool with Everyone in it.

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What you will have, is a settlement with the various claiamnts that will prove for the dropping of the ati-trust cliams, the cancellation of the lockout and an agreed set of rules under which the league will operate. Those rules will in effect be the next CBA, and will be ratified by the union in due course after it re-certifies.

It's not idea for the NFL, because stritly speaking any player who dislikes the settlement could issue his won ani-trust proceedings against the NFL but without the union's financial and legal backing I that is probbaly highly unlikely.

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After decertification, they cannot become a union again for 1 year. BUT, The union cannot decertify while an unfair labor practice is under review, so the players are still a union. In other words, nothing has changed.

I believe this is correct, which is why i think they are trying to get a deal done before the ruling, since after the ruling it will be a blood bath. I think neither side is going to slow down until its too late to save a season and then they will battle some more. I feel like if they want football this year, then the deal has to get done before the ruling.

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