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Paying Players

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No college conference should pay any players on their roster. If they start paying one sport, then all other sports will require the school to pay them. This in turn will raise the ticket price up. It will raise tuition up.

Speaking of tuition, the players already are getting pay. They are provided with tuition, free room and board, free meal plan, free tutoring. All that is worth around $8000 to $15,0000 to a regular students. They are getting a free education (some don't even really care about going to class). Why should they pay them roughly $3600 per football season. There are 125 players on a team rough 75 dress out. That is $270,000 per season and that is just football. It will greatly increase the already high tuition and with the Pell Grant getting cut, not a lot of students can afford the price. I know many of you on here have kid. Imagine paying roughly $35,000 to $40,000 a year for your kid when tuition right now is between $20,000 to $25,000. Those numbers are just for regular state college. Imagine student at Georgia Tech, Purdue, or Miami, they are paying roughly $36,000 a year. That price will increase to a little more than $50,000.


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I agree with you on this atl dawg, you can't start to pay players, if you do it will open a whole pandoras box of problems for the university. My question is every player on scholarship gets a stipend per week with there scholarship (I'm pretty sure). Can they not just increase this stipend a little bit?

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Hey guys I got another article up and I really appreciate all of your guys' feedback. I feel like this is my best article yet but it is also my most opinionated. If you guys have any ideas for articles please feel free to pm me.

You guys may remember some of this. It originated here.


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