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What have you guys been doing more of during this lockout?

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Fighting and torturing myself by repeatedly coming to this caustic environment. I just can't help myself. Crack is healthier than this place lately.

Ha ha +1 :lol:

Been keeping up with the Braves a little more closely since there is no free agency news/OTAs news to keep me busy.

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Mad Men season 1 - tick

Entourage 1-7 tick

Trailer Park boys 1-3 tick

Wire 1-4 tick

Boardwalk Empire 1 tick

Arrested development 1 tick

Eastbound and down 1 tick

what did I do? it's clear to say i developed a HBO addiction

You should try starting Game of Thrones on HBO, very good new series!

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Mostly chatting on here. I don't care what anyone says, the Falcons fans and this organization is the best there is!!!!!!!

I know there will be NFL football sooner or later, but it still kinda ticks me off. This is like dejavu on what happened to the Atlanta Braves and baseball. I mean they start a world championship contention run or show the potential and then all the sudden there are conflicts within the league and owners.

I've always felt there is a biased against us southern team fans, and history is starting to prove it more and more where the NFL and baseball is concerned. And I say that because I've watched it over time myself.

I will say this, if there is no NFL this year, if they miss one preseason game then I guess I am done wasting my time pulling for a cause that doesn't even support itself. Why waste time ya know?

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Might have to check it out, then. Other than eastbound and down, havent watched much HBO series. Had friends for awhile tho that couldnt shutup about deadwood.

Deadwood was fantastic. It's kinda like Shakespeare in the old west, with the word c@C%sucker every other sentence. We used to do shots of George Dickel every time they said that word. I lost friends to that show.

Ian McShane is the man. Highly recommend it.

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