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What have you guys been doing more of during this lockout?

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Even though I have most of the games recorded from last year, I just haven't been in the mood to watch them. -_- This lockout thing really has me down about football.

I barely go on Nfl.com anymore And I have substituted old reruns of the wayan bros for Nfl network.

Guess i will start back working on the six pack I've always wanted......... :mellow:

What about yall?

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Stanley cup playoffs, but i'd be doing that anyhiw. Lockout or no, theres not much football stuff to talk about this time of year...just some quotes from practices, etc. The only way its really affected me is that im holding off on buying my plane ticket to seattle so i get my 8th row seat again this year for when tha biiiirrrrddddzzzz come to seattle.

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Modern Warfare2, MW3 Call of Duty, Madden and more Madden - i'm playing Madden 11 in Franchise mode - I'm up to year 2034.

Matt Ryan better be in the HOF with 15 SB wins if you're in year 2034.

I've always wondered, when you get that far does it try to simulate new rule changes that will come over the next 20 years?

Basically, are you now playing Madden 2034: Flag Football.

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It's boating season, nuff said.

I figure if the NFL wants my support this year they will get their act together (players and owners, but mostly players and their union crapola). If they don't, to heck with them all.

now that I have time I patched a few things up with my love doll


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