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Can you answer this

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I know if i post this here someone will know the answer:

My reputation went from about 300 to 120 overnight.

What caused this?

The rep system is utterly useless, don't worry about it. We have people here at -800 that are still allowed post.

It means nothing.

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Guest Spot On Dtan

Instead of this dumb rating system we need some mods who actually give a fk to weed out the D-tans, etc. ....

And this ^^^^ is why we need stricter mod control of decorum.

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whole rating system seems kinda weird to me....I mean, what is the purpose of it anyhow?

The true purpose of the rating system is to allow users to set limits on posts. If a post reaches a certain limit, you don't see it. You can set it for as low as a negative rating of 1 and the board will filter out that post. I have mine set for -25, so any posts that have a negative rating of 25 or lower, I don't see (just a spot where the post was saying that the post was filtered by the rating system).

The rating system was never intended to ban people or anything like that.

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