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All College baseball fans - Regionals will be announced Monday.

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Dawgs gets a 3 seed and travel to Corvallis to face Creighton. Oregon State is the 1 seed, Creighton is the 2, UGA the 3, and Arkansas Little Rock is the 4.

it's a winnable region, but it's ridiculous that the 4th best team in the sec is shipped across country.

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I saw this posted on a board.. great read.

Previewing Creighton.... Reply


Thanks to the Creighton poster for linking the game notes below.

Creighton enters this tourney having posted an impressive 44-14 record. When they take the field on Friday afternoon, they'll be playing only their second NCAA tourney team of the season (New Mexico was the other). We, on the other hand, have played 12 teams in the tournament, a whopping 18.75% of the field. These facts made the comments of Creighton coach Ed Servais ("Georgia doesn't know what they've got coming to them") all the more questionable, in my view. Our first five series of the season were played against teams now in the NCAA field... It's fair to say that we've known this level of competition since February.

Friday afternoon, Creighton will send Jonas Dufek to the hill. Dufek is without question the Bluejay ace, having posted a 2.17 ERA with his 11-1 record. He's thrown 103 2/3 innings this year and has posted a whopping 118/28 K/BB ratio. The opposition is only hitting him at a .202 clip.

Dufek is a senior righty, and a big kid. He stands 6'5" and weighs 210lbs. He's basically been the Creighton ace since 2009 and has played a lot of baseball for the Jays.

Kurt Spomer is a Creighton closer and has also has a solid stat sheet. On the year, Spomer is posting a 1.93 ERA and is allowing a .190 average against. In 46 2/3 innings, he's K'd 36 and BB'd 12. He's saved 13 games for the Jays. Spomer is also a righty, and a junior.

Creighton's A guys in the pen appear to be sophomore lefty Mark Winkelman (.220 average against), junior righty Reese McGraw (.226 average against) and senior lefty Jack Van Leur (.261 average against).

These guys are very experienced as a staff. Collectively, they've posted a 3.38 ERA on the year and allowed a .240 average against.

Offensively, we've seen better lineups than Creighton. The Jays are lead by Trever Adams, who is hitting .392 with 14 HRs and is 14/17 in stolen bases. He's also added 14 doubles and 4 triples, meaning that well over 1/3 of his 87 hits have gone for extra bases. He's K'd 40 times and BB'd 26. Adams will hit cleanup for the Jays and play RF. While the rest of the Creighton lineup isn't nearly as formidable, on paper Adams looks to be a very tough out and we're going to have to pitch him carefully.

After Adams, there exists a considerable dropoff in Creighton's numbers. Their next leading hitter is 2B Alex Staehely, a right handed hitter who usually hits either 5th or leadoff (would imagine it's a righty/ lefty deal). Staehely has posted a .286 average this year and homered 3 times.

Freshman CF Mike Gerber is hitting .278 on the year and is 2nd on the club with 6 HRs. He'll hit toward the bottom of their order, most likely.

Three of Creighton's regulars are hitting .238 or under. As a club, the Bluejays are hitting .269 and have homered 37 times. Hold onto your hat, but UGA actually has the highest batting average in this entire regional.

As I'm sure you're aware, Creighton is fielding .980 as a team. That's a pretty awesome mark. They've made 44 errors on the season through 58 games.

You know who this team is, don't you? This 2011 Creighton team is exactly what we (or I) thought our 2010 team was going to be. They're all pitching and defense and don't look to make too many mistakes. Is there staff as deep as Vanderbilt or Florida? No, but very few are. They are deep and experienced, and there's something to be said for that. None of these guys have ever played in a regional before, but I'm willing to bet that they aren't going to be wide eye'd on Friday afternoon.

Creighton has no players for Georgia and we have none from Nebraska. In fact, looking at their roster, I don't believe that either team has a single player from the same state. The last time we went to the west coast, we play USC and their pitcher is from Florida and their best hitter is from Marietta. No familiar faces with Creighton though.

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