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Saints or Falcons Who has the edge in 2011

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Who should win the Division the Saints or the Falcons

I know the Saints won a Super Bowl but all you here about is how they did that but they fail to realize is they lost to a really bad team in the Seahawks last year and as a team that took a huge step back and even including Drew Brees with his 22 INTs and another fact I found out that Drew Brees lead teams have only been in the Playoffs in 3 of his 10 seasons so it will be hard seeing them take back control of the NFC south now. So then you have the Falcons who were 13-3 last year and could have easily been 7-9 or 15-1 as they had a ton of close games but I'm a believer that a team can only benefit from close games wither they win or lose and that the experience could pay big dividends in 2011. They have so many young players that can get better and they could also benefit from getting Sean Weatherspoon back healthy along with Peria Jerry as well there two tremendous talents and could be the equivalent of getting two first rounder picks then throw in Julio Jones and who ever they sign in Free Agency and I really don't see them taking a step back borrowing the teams healthy (injuries) I think if anything the Buc's may even send the Saints in a rebuilding type of mode as the Falcons and Buc's are much younger teams or should I say have a lot of young talent in key places QB,DL,WR and other spots and not to say the Saints don't have good talent because they do. But I think the Question that should be being asks is will the Buc's surpass the Saints this year or next and not how the Saints are going to pass the Falcons and take back over the NFC south because those days are over.

Off-season moves so Far for each team

Falcons - Julio Jones,Jacquizz Rodgers - Two great picks and they filled two big needs but did take a pretty big risk with Jones as it could back fire in there faces or the move could land TD another executive of the year award again which would make it 3 out of 4 in his time in Atlanta so you would have to think he did his homework on Jones.

Saints - Mark Ingram,Cameron Jordan - They filled a big need at DE with Jordan and was a great pick but I don't think he'll ever be a Pro Bowler but could be a routine 7-9 sack guy that can play inside and out and as for the Mark Ingram pick I liked it at first but when you really think about it they already had 3 pretty good guys with Thomas,Ivory and Bush but the move to me means Bush is pretty much gone and if not it'll be hard to find carries for four guys as Payton is very stubborn when it comes to running ball.

Buc's - Adrian Clatborn,Da'Quan Bowers - I keep this one short mainly the Buc's will get back Brian Price as well as McCoy then the two rookies if those guys play well the Saints could fall to 3rd I don't think they could un-seed the Falcons in 2011 but I could see it in 2012 if they make the right moves this and next year as the Falcons have the last 3 years but It'll be pretty hard as they'll need the Falcons to take a step back.

Out of all of those guys I think the Falcons Got the best player in Julio Jones but also took the most risk and the Saints tried to counter them with Mark Ingram which may end up being just as big a risk if they take another step back and fall behind the Buc's this year and as the Buc's continue to add young talent they could be a playoff team in 2011.

We haven't even gotten in to the hole Free Agency thing yet and needless to say the Falcon will and have always been the most aggressive in Free Agency and yet another reason why I think there's noway the Saints get any better than the Falcons are right now and if anything could fall behind the Buc's if there were to sign Nnamdi


And sorry to the Panther Fans but I really don't think they could win the Division or even make the playoffs even if Cam played as good as Sam Bradford did last year but a good solid 8-8 or 7-9 year could have them thinking playoffs in 2012 but they do have some good young player and also some young guys like Charles Johnson or DeAngleo Williams who will more than likely be gone if the rules get redone similar to the 2009 rules were both of those guys could be unrestricted Free Agents so the June 3 hearing could be pivotal for them as can't really afford to lose either of those guys mainly a guy likely Charles Johnson who could land right here in ATL.

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It's hard to call right now. Don't expect Brees to throw 22 picks again (Madden Curse??). Tampa improved the front 4 but did nothing to help their secondary knowing there was a possibility they would lose their best player on defense. If they get Nnamdi, it may help but they still need someone else on the other side.

Atlanta is pretty much set but we have to be more aggressive on both sides of the ball. BVG has to stop being so conservative and MM needs to stop calling the same 12 plays 's (sorry but its true). I can see us in a lot of shootouts this season. The only team I see on the schedule with a defense that can stop us on all fronts is Green Bay. I see 13-3 or 12-4 easily.

As for Carolina, drafting Cam Newton and not getting him any help deserves a very large LOL

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It's too early to tell right now but I expect The NFC South to be one of the toughest divisions again in The NFL. I believe we have made some significant strides on offense in the draft and can't wait to see who TD targets in free agency. The Saints and Bucs also had stellar drafts so we will be challenged every step of the way (The Panthers will be competitive but will experience growing pains with a rookie QB).

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The NFC south is probably the most competetive division in the NFL if not definatly in the NFC. The Bucs could very well win the division i would not rule them out, The Panthers won't be as bad as they were last year there is still a little talent on their team they just happened to have the worst Division 1 college QB that made it some how made it to the NFL last year. It's not just about the Saints and Falcons although on paper at the moment they are the best 2 teams but there was a lot of games we could have lost last year and a couple close ones to the saints and steelers that we could have won, if our defense steps it up we will be a tough team and the saints will be dangerous as always but i wouldn't look past te panthers, we went from 4-12 to 11-5 with our rookie QB, Carolina has a decent RB over there and i think Cam Newton will be better than a lot of ppl give him credit for (still think Dalton was the better QB in the draft though) I definatly wouldn't look past the Bucs either, they barely missed the playoffs at 10-6 and should have gotten in over the seahawks but thats just how it works now. Josh Freeman will be better than he was last year so i wouldn't rule the bucs out at all, we just gotta stay focused on beating our division rivals.

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Guest Spot on Dtan4

Falcons and Bucs will be the class of both the NFCS and of the NFC. Saints are regressing at what should be seen as an alarming rate.

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Falcons and Bucs will be the class of both the NFCS and of the NFC. Saints are regressing at what should be seen as an alarming rate.

Please explain your "alarming rate' comment.

I see the division poised for greatness for the next few years.

Saints played good ball last year, but in the end, the combination of the Super Bowl repeat curse, toughness of each team taking the their best shot, Drew Brees suffering the knee injury early in the season and the seriousness of injuries in key positional groups (RB, S) killed their chances. I think going 11-5 was remarkable considering the setbacks. I see them making another deep run this year with upgrades at 2 critical positions, Jordon (R1) and Rogers (FA) at D-line and Ingram (R1) at RB. Add to it the fire to attone for last season's collapse in the playoffs and they will be a very motivated team.

Falcons should remain a threat to make a deep run with the return of the offense fully intact and the additions of Jones (R1) at WR and Rodgers (R5) at RB. Both guys will contribute. My concern for the Falcons is unless they land the stud D-lineman in Free Agency, they will be hurt on defense. With the current status of the league, Free Agency could play a lesser role this season.

Bucs will continue to grow as an organization, specially focused on the defensive side of the ball. The Falcons and Saints are built for fast strike, so the Bucs are building to control both teams. I loved their draft in the first 3 picks and believe it will pay off big for the risks taken. But I see them in 3rd place this season with a winning record.

History suggests no team repeats in the NFCS. And I believe that will again the be the case this season. Barring horrible injury ro key players, I see it this way:

Saints 12-4

Falcons 11-5

Bucs 9-7

Panthers 4-12

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