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First attempt out Falcons Wallpaper

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pretty good for your 1st attempt. But my advice would be that theres too much empty space.

1. Either bring the text closer to the players


2. get something to mesh in the background (falcons logo or helmet and you can make it clear so the red meshes well)


3. 1 and 2

and I think it would look better if the players didnt have the bold outline

just my advice

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I like the idea, but i say

1.Blend it with the back round(like someone else said)

2.Add defensive players

3.They don't need to be holding the ball, like Roddy and Matt celebrating together or something

4.To blend everything together, make it kind of like a collage where the pics are different sizes

5.Throw back Jerseys!

6.Shorten phrase, something simple and bold...Atlanta Falcons-2011 Superbowl Champions??

Very nice job though man, just some small tips to make things creative

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