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Matt Ryan = Troy Aikman?


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I know it's hard to compare Matt Ryan to a guy who has 3 Super Bowl rings when Ryan's teams have yet to win a single playoff game. But I can't help but see how the Falcons of today are headed in the same direction of the Cowboys of the 90s. Troy Akiman never put up monster numbers during the regular season mainly because he didn't have too. With Emmitt Smith in the backfield the Cowboys could play a ball control style of offense and then when you least expect it allow Aikman to go deep to Michael Irvin or Alvin Harper. Aikman could win games when the Cowboys needed him too and played his best in the biggest games. The Cowboys also had a great defense. The Falcons don't have the great defense yet but they have everything else in place. Ryan has yet to carry his outstanding regular season performance into the playoffs but it's only been 2 games and it usually takes a while before guys understand that the playoffs are a whole different level. A lot of players and coaches have compared Ryan to Manning and Brady but I see more Aikman than I do anyone else. And I sure would be pretty happy with the Falcons winning 3 Super Bowls! :)

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And let me expound. I'm not even an Aikman fan . He started off his career in Abysmal fashion but when the light did click on, it really clicked on. He was money come play off time, as good as anyone ever when it counted.11-4 with three Super Bowl titles in 3 appearances.Probably one of the most accurate in play off games, too.

But the way you guys keep comparing Matty to all these HOFers and sure fire future HOFers is ridiculous. Elway, Aikman, Brady, Manning.What, No Joe Montana?No slingin' Sammy Baugh?

How about this, Matty compares to Matty and He had BETTER do like Aikman and win some Super bowls, because his individual play will never get him there nor would Troys had gotten him there. ;)

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i will say this. as far as accuracy i can see it. Aikman was a cool cucumber in the playoffs. most the season he was 2nd or 3rd fiddle, but come playoff time troy was a true leader.

As for a Matt, well he has done well in the regular season, but i prefer post season work. Matt hasn't proven he can hold up in the big game. I am certainly hoping this changes soon, but thus far he has been unaikman like.

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There are a lot of Great QB's who do not have a S±B Ring

There are a lot of Great Q±B's who have a SB Ring.

There is just a Few QB's that have a hand full of SB Rings

To get One Ring is a Great Accomplishment.

Lets start with One and go from there. ;)

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It's always going to be difficult to compare a guy who has played 3 years to a guy who is retired.

Through 3 years, Matt Ryan is waaaaaaay ahead of Troy Aikman.

But Troy did pretty good over following years, so Matt has his work cut out for him.

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