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Cliff Matthews

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The number of reps on the bench press really don't matter. I'm not posting this as an excuse saying he's really powerful or is stronger than his workout numbers. I'm posting this because it addresses a question you had and my personal experience with it.

Matthews did sustain a shoulder injury during the 2009 season. I dislocated my shoulder back in high school and still have pain doing flat bench because it stretches the tendons in my shoulder in a painful direction. I can do decline bench without any pain or stress what so ever. Flat bench can be brutal on your shoulders and in reality, it is not a very good workout to test a person's strength. Technique, flexibility, and even bone/cartilage structure (shoulder blades, rotator cuff) have a lot to do with a person's bench press.

Supposedly, squats are the best single exercise for testing an individual's overall strength. A lot of people think it's all legs, but you use a lot of different core muscles for maintaining balance and the bar positioning.

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