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To **** With The NFL!


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No, I beg to differ. What is wrong with our culture today is that politics have to impact everything. The more I think about it I think that their is some other agenda going on. If this was just about negotiations and money then a deal would have been done by now. Something is just not adding up.

To your first point, it's a game but it's also a job. The idea of "for the love of the game" leaves fields and courts in little league.

To the second point I highlighted, it's not just over a billion dollars.

I really hate to say this but post like this reeks of someone who just doesn't get it. I'm not going to go as far as to call it uneducated but it does come off as what's essentially wrong with our culture today. The whole premise that is built up in this post about money is just totally wrong. Each individual should be looking out for the best interest of themselves/or their family first, that's exactly what the NFL Owners and Players are doing. It's really none of your business or anyone's business to tell them how to go about doing that financially. To say they have "enough" money is laughable, in a country where a great deal of the population is looking for a handout/something for free, I have no problem with Players and Owners who are EARNING their own money fighting over how they should split it up in the most fair way possible.

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