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Falcons currently ranked #4....

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you can tell this list is "ala flavor of the week" cos the packers at #2 for best looking helmet? what do the pack have other than legacy?? the name sucks, the logo sucks, the colors suck, the town sux, (and i've never needed to go there to know this) and it's freakin cheezy !! i dont know about everyone else but when i think of cheezy, i think cheezy as in this sucks :ph34r:

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Since you say that as a statement of fact, where is it stated that they can't offer their input?

Nike will not be able to require teams to alter their logos and designs.

I will be more than happy to eat crow, but I doubt that will be the case.

I never said they cant 'offer' input. But they have no power to ask a team to make changes. The changes will be a swoosh on the jersey, materials...but not much else.

I sure hope they dont have input, cause their designs that were floating around the web were hideous!

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