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Lets Hope Julio puts up Mike William numbers

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Buc WR Mike Williams rated #83 of Top 100 players in the the league currently scored eleven TD's as a rookie. Julio needs to make that kind of impact to justify the trade in 2011.

why? this trade will show itself in about 3 years (not sayin Julio wont have an impact this year) lets let this guy grow and we will be Superbowl contenders for years to come... until then we cant justify anything!

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Then where is the logic?

It seems that the conclusion to be drawn here is that Julio wont be relied upon here as much as Williams was there.

Therefore, it would seem more cost effective if the Bucs had spent 5 draft picks on a WR rather than us.

But they didn't need to do that because they did their homework didn't they.

So is that how the game is gonna be played?

Dummytrioff makes a fool of this community on draft day. And if the draft pick in question doesn't pan out, it's somebody else whose head will roll.


Calm down Francis, Julio is going to be a clear #2 for a few years, and when Roddy is on the other side of 33, he will be the number 1...not to often you have a chance to get an elite WR, let alone have 2 on the same team. Jones was picked to ensure that Ryan has at least 1 for the next 10 years. Who the **** else where you going to pick at 27 that would have such a huge impact? AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT WAS 4 PICKS NOT 5. WE SWAPPED 27 and 6. That does not count as a pick...we got a higher one. We lost the 2nd and 4th this year and the 1st and 4th next year 2 + 2 =4. not 5.

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He was targeted 129 times and had 65 receptions for 50.4%.

No one else on the team was targeted over 40 times - and only 3 were targeted over 9 times. Winslow only had about 3 receptions - so he's not even a factor.

That's not to say he's not good - he was very good - he had a sick average per reception and 11 TD - he's an excellent receiver. That's to say that he was targeted 27.2% of the attempts made by Freeman.

Clearly, he was the #1 target in Tampa.

Here - we had Roddy who is Ryan's #1 target - he was targeted 179 times and had 115 receptions for 64.2%.

Jenkins was targeted 73 times, Harry Douglas 53 times, Finn 31 times, and then Gonzo was targeted 92 times.

I just don't see the same make-up here. I don't think Julio will get 129 targeted passes - but if he does - I hope he has a better reception ratio than Williams and can match the average per receptions.

Nice. I love it when people give information.

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