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Cam Newton working out with...

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Did that supposed Brett Farve tutelage thing not work out or did they just never get past the text message stage. :ph34r:

God, that would be ideal. Weinke and Farve training him? Dream made in heaven...Farve could show him how to throw an interception and Weinke could show him...well I don't know.

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But then again DR. Wienke does not sound like a guy I want to meet.

bahahahaha....Weinke?!?!?!?! WTF are they thinking and I don't think Cam wanted to meet Weinke. Can you imagine his face..."Hey Cam, see that guy over there? That's Weinke, Chris Weinke...go learn." Cam's face must have been like where the **** am I and where is Jon Gruden, he did not prepare me for Weinke?

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