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All Hail Arthur Blank

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I'll say this. Some fan's don't like TD and some fans don't like Matty. I dissagree but if you squint your eyes you can almost see the leg they have o stand on.

But C'mon if you don't like Blank your either not really a fan or you jumped on the bandwagon in the last few months before the playoffs. You certainly have no idea how bad the ownership of this franchise used to be and The greatest thing to ever happen to this team isn't Vick or even Ryan or Smitty, It's Arthur Blank. Period.

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I agree Mr. Blank has done more to bring a consistent NFL winning team to Atlanta that perhaps any owner before him. Mr. Blank if you read this the estimated cost as stated on Sirius Network for a retractable roof on the new stadium for the Vikings is estimated at 50 million. Please add a retractable roof to our new stadium.

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