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If you could ask your Favorite Falcon one question

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If you could ask your Favorite player one question Off the record just for your Personal knowledge what would it be.

I think it would be tough to decide the question, but the player would definitely be Ryan. I would ask either if he likes the system MM has put him in, or if he ever trash talks during a game.

just wanted to start a new topic on these boards.

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My favorite player(s) - not player. I have 5 that I just adore - they are by far my faves on the field!

Abraham - Can I count your tattoos?

DeCoud - Exactly how old IS Rasheed Wallace' bald spot?

Babs - Did it feel good one-upping your bro by getting a TD in that Seattle game?

Grimes - I just want to know if the air is really thinner up there?

and finally ....

Finneran - You've played just about every position for us when we needed it - are you going to come back as a coach now?

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Honestly though - he'd laugh. He is probably my favorite person on the team as far as personality goes. I go to every home game - and a lot of the away games. I always go down by the tunnel before the games during warm ups. He never fails to smile and speak - and he's the type that will stop and talk for a little while.

One of the security ladies there thinks he is so hot. She thinks he looks like Drake. So - I told him one day he should ask her out - he blushed and laughed. I said - well at least give her something to hold onto.

He goes back through the tunnel and comes out with a bunch of those sweat bands they wear and started handing them out to everyone - including her. Made her whole year.

The guy is always smiling, laughing and joking with the fans - he's the coolest guy in preseason and warmups you'd ever want to meet.

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