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Jerry/Sidbury are already considered a bust

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Jerry's a bust because he's going to be 27 at the start of the season. You'd expect players to be playing at their prime starting from 25.

...So after a couple dozen screen-names and at LEAST 6 years of playing this game... do ever get bored of it all?

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Guest Gritz

...So after a couple dozen screen-names and at LEAST 6 years of playing this game... do ever get bored of it all?

Since this is basically all he has going on I doubt it.

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Guys, let' just admit that Mr. Right is brilliant, simply head and shoulders above us intellectually. I say we get a mob together, go down to Flowery Branch, take it over, and install him as the Falcons' dictator for life. We can then cut bums like Roddy White, Matt Ryan, and trade our next 10 first round picks for guys without "noodle arms." Heck, we can probably even convince Favre to come out of retirement.

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Waaay to early for anyone to be on that list. I think this will be a telling year for anyone on that list, but especially from Jerry. We saw flashes of explosiviness when he was a rookie during the preseason.

It's a shame he got hurt, but the good news is-- he is he went a full year playing in a really spotty role for us and didn't have any setbacks. Plus what is Jerry, like 27 now? I think with that last year letting the injury heal with only playing very little minutes helped him hopefuy regain form and come back well rested and just fresh.

As for Sid..how can you call a raw 4th rounder a bust? However I think we shall see more from him this year also. After a extremely solid rookie year playing a limited role, he had an impact even scoring a TD with a sack. The coaching staff clearly wanted to coach'em up sat year because he didn't even dress for most of the season (hopefully he wasn't in the dog house for some reason).

I personally can't consider these guys busts yet because I'm expecting big things from them this year.

Agree except for Aaron Curry, who's currently on Buffalo's Practice Squad

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....and he could turn out to be a real force at DT once he has confidence in that knee.

My scenario has just as much possibility of coming to fruition as yours does.

The post you quoted is based upon provable fact; yours is pollianna wishful thinking based upon cotton-candy pleas.

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Guest Gritz

The post you quoted is based upon provable fact; yours is pollianna wishful thinking based upon cotton-candy pleas.

I watched Peria his entire career at Ole Miss. I have freely admitted on here several times that my judgment on him is biased and skewed.

Looking at all of your anti-Falcon posts you must have something to come clean about:

Did the Flowery Branch police "Rodney King" you?

Did Grady Jackson get the last shrimp before you had a chance to at a Golden Corral restaurant?

Michael Vick use one of your kitties as a training aid?

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Let's see

Clabo was a pro bowler in 2010 yet he started as UDFA in 2004 that's 6 years

Dahl started as an UDFA in 2005 that's 5 years

yet Jerry and Sibury are bust after 2 years,

why just because they were high draft choices??

Sibury is a pass rusher, he just happens to fall belind Abe and Bierman at present and gets very little playing toime. way way to early too call him a bust.

Jerry (or any player) can't prevent getting injured, and no one can control the actual amount of time it takes to recover. Still too early to call him a bust.

I think these people just looked a current stats; ie Jerry less than 1/2 the snaps

and they looked no further -- how long it takes to recover from his type injury. Every player seems to take at least 1 and 1/2 years to recovery from those knee injuries.

Sidbury only in about 10 games very little playing time, never look at the reason why ie 3rd in line as pass rusher.

I fully understand your argument but it is not applicable. Even though Clabo and Dahl took 5-6 years respectively, they were not starters for some time and played beyond expectations. If both played as expected then being a bust would be irrelevent because both were never to be considered to be anymore than backups.

So you have UDFA taking 5-6 years that became quality starters.

Now look at Jerry and Sidberry; Jerry being a first round draft pick is EXPECTED not only to start by contribute immedietly and succeed at his position. This is not even expecting the guy to be a pro bowler but simply to live up to his draft status. On this case Jerry IS a bust. He is essentially a 27 year old situational player. He is FAR from meeting expectations. Given what he has done, he would be worth nothing more than a late 5th rounder at best. This giving rookies 3 years to meet expectations is TOTALLY ARBITRARY. It is a made up standard that is wishful thinking in hoping that a highly rated player will actually play well.

The fact is the most players, right from the start, either play well or not. Those players that do take 3 or more years are EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE. This RARELY happens. It is highly probable that Jerry will not contribute anymore than his current role with the team.

Lets look at Sidberry; He is a middle rounder froma small school that had a high ceiling. He was considerered a boom or bust player. Given this idea, Sidberry is unable to even get on the field, let alone be considered a situational player. Mid round picks tend be players that MAY be starters or decent backups. As of right now, Sidberry is neither and it is also improbable that he will make any impact.

Let's be honest here, if we have rookies that do better than expected, do we say "lets wait 3-4 years" before these players turn to be players that were originally expected to play worse? Of course not. We simply say it is a great pick and we simply expect them to continue being good. So why the double standard?

Why do players that play well right away can be judged IMMEDIETLY as being good, but players that don't play well, we are told by fellow fans that "we should be patient and give them time."? If you can judge one player immedietly then you should be able to judge ALL the players immedietly as being good or bad players. No exceptions.

This making excuses for bust players is special pleading. Either the players will play well or they won't. Players like Clabo and Dahl had to get opportunity, which the Falcons having a depleted line had the openings for UDFA to compete and start.

Jerry and Sidberry had plenty of opportunity to compete for a position that is also considered a weakness for the team. Either they will win the spots or they won't. If Jerry can not stay healthy to compete then his health is making him a bust no matter how well he plays. If you are not on the field, then you are no more a contributer then someone who is not even on the team.

I think the homers are to infatuated with player potential than actual production. The only reason those 2 are still on the team because how high they were picked and/or how much POTENTIAL they might have. If they were UDFA like Clabo and Dahl, they would have been cut the first year.

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1st Rd.: Tyson Jackson (DE), Aaron Curry (LB), Larry English (LB), Robert Ayers (LB), Peria Jerry (DT).

2nd Rd.: Clint Sintim (LB), David Veikune (DE), Sen’Derrick Marks (DT), Cody Brown (LB)

3rd Rd.: Alex Magee (DT), Jarron Gilbert (DT), Jason Williams (LB).

4th Rd.: Darrell Scott (DT), Kaluka Maiava (LB), Vaughn Martin (DE), Stanley Arnoux (LB), Laurence Sidbury (DE), Terrance Taylor (DT).


Jerry was hurt and when he plays healthy he shows flashes of a great player, sidbury has all the potential in the world we just need to stick with them and pick up a Vet DE

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