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secondary question?

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with us releasing coleman and rumors of us releasing brian williams. we need help in the secondary. my question is do we resign williams to a cheaper contract and move him to safety? he can play both cb and safety, so he is versatile like we like. he is getting older and slowing down some but by playing safety and not having wr responsibility he could still help for a year or so. that would mean we just need to sign a cb in fa, since either way we would be left with four cb s. or do you think smitty and crew are high on one of the rafaels(bush or priest) and schill? this was a thought since our secondary is pretty young, outside of d-rob. he would continue to provide leadership and a veteran presence, and if needed could play cb in a pinch. thoughts?

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This is an FA move that would be tremendous and no one to my knowledge has brought up.

Eric Weddle.

Then we could pick up a CB in UFA and play Decoud, Franks, or Owens at Nickel. Would monster up the DE's as well,

For more help on the line I would hope for a rotational guy at DE like Gholston...remember we do rotate a lot. He may not be much, but in the 4-3 he is probably an upgrade from JA98 at least in Spd and Str and a space eating DT.

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