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The Top 101 Players of 2010


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93. Brent Grimes, CB, Atlanta Falcons

He’s not the biggest, baddest, or even best cornerback in the league, but Grimes is a gamer. That may see him gamble at times and get beat, or miss more tackles than he should, but the man from Shippensburg just knows how to make plays. That’s what 2010 was about for the Falcons’ cornerback who outperformed the expensive Dunta Robinson with some savvy play.

Best Performance: Week 15 at Seattle (+5.0)

Key Stat: Broke up 16 passes. Second most in the entire league.

72. John Abraham, DE, Atlanta Falcons

Oh how stupid people looked in writing off John Abraham. 2010 wasn’t so much a rebound year for the Falcon, as it was an “I told you so” year for the people who recognized Abraham was still bringing pressure off the edge in 2009. Atlanta has continued to use Abraham in situations that get the best out of him, with the result being left and right tackles alike beaten in a manner of different ways by the veteran end.

Best Performance: Week 1 at Pittsburgh (+6.9)

Key Stat: Picked up pressure on 15.7% of pass rushing snaps. A number bettered by only four others.

38. Roddy White, WR, Atlanta Falcons

Gives up way too many penalties (seven,) but became a clutch player for the Falcons this year. Some of his best plays came running short sideline routes to move the chains. Not necessarily great for the stat sheet, but big time short completions in tight coverage that allowed the Falcons to run the kind of offense they wanted to. Not that that’s all he’s capable of – White got into the end zone and did a good job bringing in eight of the 15 passes thrown longer than 20 yards to him (including three touchdowns.)

Best Performance: Week 7 versus Cincinnati (+4.4)

Key Stat: Only receiver with more than 120 targets to catch at least 67% of balls thrown his way.

Last but not least;

8. Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons

Am I kidding you? Matt Ryan over Brady, Manning, Brees and others? Less yards than all, more interceptions than some. Just how exactly did Ryan end up so high? Well, playing quarterback to me is more than the statistics, and what Ryan did, with his ability to make clutch throws on key downs was allow Atlanta to run an offense that made them competitive. Without his running of a ball control offense, this team lacks the talent to be a play off contender, let alone a participant. The playoff defeat will remain a black mark against him, but his ability on third down and his sideline throwing was breathtaking at times.

Best Performance: Week 9 versus Tampa Bay (+9.1)

Key Stat: Only spiked the ball once all year. Matty Ice.

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The following RBs made the top-100 players: Jamaal Charles (7), Adrian Peterson (15), Arian Foster (40), Peyton Hillis (65), Maurice Jones Drew (69) and Ahmad Bradshaw (75).

Tight Ends: Jason Witten (11), Marcedes Lewis (47), Antonio Gates (57), Rob Gronkowski (60) and Anthony Fasano (99).

When I first checked it out, there were really only 3 players in my mind that I thought would make it (Ryan, White and Abraham). If you told me there was a 4th guy, I'd think it'd have been either Grimes, Turner or Clabo.

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