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RUMORS of a complete NFL SHUTDOWN!

Guest jb aka johnnybuc

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Guest jb aka johnnybuc

Rumors fly of a complete NFL shutdown

Posted by Mike Florio on May 8, 2011, 3:52 PM EDTbofastadiumgetty-e1304884239103.jpg?w=250

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So if the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Judge Susan Nelson's ruling that the lockout should be lifted while the Tom Brady antitrust lawsuit proceeds, the league will simply open the doors and allow business to continue as usual until the Brady case is settled, right?

Maybe not.

We're hearing initial rumblings pointing to the possibility that a loss by the league at the appellate level will prompt the owners to completely shut down all business operations until the players agree to a new labor deal. The thinking is that, if the owners cease all operations, the NFL would not be violating the court order because there would be no lockout. Instead, the league essentially would be going out of business — something for which the NFL repeatedly chided the union in the weeks and months preceding decertification of the NFLPA.

As we hear it, the league accepts the reality that it will take a lot of heat if it pursues this path (and a lot of that heat will be emanating from this web address), but it could end up being the only way to squeeze the players into accepting the owners' terms, especially if the Eighth Circuit agrees with Judge Nelson.

On one hand, there's a long way to go before things would ever get to that point. On the other hand, there aren't many steps left on the flow chart before that point arrives.

THIS is all I needed to hear to turn a great weekend sour! What a bunch of BONEHEADS!angry.gif

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that would sux

I dont see them leaving all those millions on the table....

a deal will get done...

Its their Company dude, they will just say hey there is no CBA, come play under our rules, or dont and not get paid

i dont see why they dont do that anyway....

its my understanding all the NFLPA could do is strike ....

Basicaly players , esp FAs will say screw that, there will be no more NFLPA if these guys are not Careful

this aint the 80s anymore, these guys are making big big dollars , and now there are what 300 FAs ????

they want an NFL Contract ....like now

and they will by pass NFLPA if they have too, watch....

like i say they better be careful

they had a great deal, on the table, we all know its they wanna see the Books....


i could not go my employer and ask to see his books

and the NFL said they would even let them look at the books over the last 5 yrs

NFLPA said

No we want see um from 10 yrs back

You heard from all the old retired players, they were loving the deal on the table, what was it a 60% increse in Benefits over the next 10 yrs ????

I Think the NFL Deal was a good one,

and the NFLPA will start having guys jump ship if the NFL Opens its doors and says come play under 2010 rules...

or dont

watch the Players dump the NFLPA lol

seems like it would be just that easy, i am not a lawyer ..and dont play one on TV so take that for what its worth

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If I'm a network executive I've already got lawyers on the paperwork to get my $4 Billion back. This power play will be short lived.

This, the owners would lose so much revunue from suits of violated contracts it's not even funny.

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The NFL can't be this stupid. Wouldn't they have to pay out all existing contracts to players and staff, not to mention the money they'd have to pay back to the networks, state and local governments, season ticket holders, sponsors, ect.?

They're further behind the 8-ball in this trial than anyone could have possibly guessed if it's come to this.

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the NFL would experience a full scale revolt by the fans. They would be sued left and right by networks and fans who have PSLs.

people like Mark Cuban are salivating at the idea of this and would move quickly to fill the vacuum

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