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just think about it

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With all the picks we gave up this year and next yr for julio, and the unceartainty of FA , Blank & co. has something up their sleeve. I c a trade involving a player and pick for a DE still under contract for a couple years. I think that guy would be Justin Tuck. 2nd ,5th and Snelling. He would pair well with bredshaw.

The next splash would be going after Namdi. After picking up a guaranteed 45 mil over 3 yrs, he will be more interested in going to a superbowl contender. Not to say he won't get paid, its just not going to be 14-15 mil. Grimes would have trouble leaving atl if namdi came to shut down one whole side of the field. If grimes declined a competitive offer for nickle corners, plug in Franks

Tuck has 2 seasons left on his contract making around 6 per. Abes departure will make it easier to keep him in a couple of yrs

Arthur Blank flies Namdie to flwry branch, takes him out for a steak and everything is history. 5yr 50 mil (25 guaranteed)

Expect this organizations aggresiveness to carry over into FA

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