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2 min offense

2 min offense   

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  1. 1. After the draft do you feel that the Falcons now have the kind of offense that when we are behind with 2 min left you feel comfortable that we are going to win the game??

    • yes
    • no

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Just curious about how you all feel about the capacity of offense of this team to consistently take and close out games when we are behind...With the new weapons I think we may have crossed over to a team you can feel that way about...obviously there is the small matter of getting onto the field seeing what we have got and how it all works together but I really see that capacity in us...should it turn out to be accurate I certainly feel better about moving up in the draft rather than drafting for need using all of our picks because our defense was not going to turn around in one draft and I think we will improve on that side of the ball just in terms of our players improvement...being able to put our foot down on the throats of the opposition in that specific situation may have been worth it because our gains with the picks defensively would not have been as drastic.

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we were pretty **** good last year too. think we were 100% when it came to winning on potential game-winning drives.

Yeah buddy might be asleep at the wheel.

Maybe he meant:

Do you think we have the kind of offense that can come back, down 28 in the fourth quarter, against a championship team?

If so, the answer is no. Not many teams do.

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