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Falcons Draft Assessment

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Overall I give this draft a B. One dynamic impact player in Jones, at least 3 solid contibutors. Not a bad haul for a team that finished 13-3 last year.

1)Julio Jones - Ultimately this draft will be judged by this pick. It was a very gutsy move that I disliked initially, but JJ or Green might have been the only players in this draft that could have a major inital impact on this football team.

3)Akeem Dent - This was a curious selection given our needed depth at OLB. Dent appears to be a better fit inside, although I am assuming he will be crosstrained at MLB and OLB. The pick could also give us more leverage in the negotiations with Lofton who will likely be looking for a new deal soon.

5)Jacquizz Rodgers - Good value selection. Rodgers should make Norwood expendable. My only concern with him was his pedestrian YPC in college. He should be a great fit on 3rd downs and may fit as a return man on special teams.

6)Matt Bosher - Versatile kicking prospect I believe signals the end of Koenen's Falcons tenure. We will likely make re-signing Bryant one of our priorities in FA.

7)Andrew Jackson - I loved this selection. Jackson was considered a mid round pick by many experts and we were lucky to get him in the 7th. Could compete for a starting job in a year or two.

7)Cliff Matthews - Another good value late in the draft. Good candidate for the practice squad if we can sneak him on.

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