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You are right we hate draft grades. Read Peter King's article in SI.COM today. The grades on the 2006 Cardinals draft were across the board A's. That was the year they got Matt Leinart and we all know how that worked out. The point is, we have a very high probability of really missing next year's picks. Those of us that are "draftnicks" are going to have a lot less to be excited about next year. Another thing to note, if we got TD because he was "raised" in the Patriot system, why does he seem to do the exact opposite of what the Patriots do? One could argue, since drafting in the NFL is such an inexact science, one should trade down as much as possible to get as many picks as possible. That way if, theoretically, only 30% become starters you would reap more starters with more picks. Even I don't totally subscribe to that theory, but we were perfectly placed at #27 to trade down with one of the quarterback needy teams and still get some very high quality players. We would have netted an extra second or third round pick and would have keep next years picks. Instead as stated by TD, he let everyone know that he was not interested in trading down, therefore no offers were made. I do believe that JJ will be a great player and will greatly improve our offense, but what about the defense? Where will we get the additional pressure on the quarterback that almost all of us thought we needed out of this draft? I've given considerable thought to what constitutes a good draft. Every first round player should become a starter by year one. Half the second round players should be starters in year 2, and every other year we should get a starter out of players drafted in rounds 3-7. Apply those measures to our last 2 drafts and tabulate the results.

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