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It was a very clear top 3 winners this year, with 3 players having 2 picks each, and the places were made from the tie breakers. WE had 42 entry's and half (21) of us got 1 player each. Nearly every year it takes 3 picks to win with some getting 2 right , but this year I'm sure it was much harder because of two reasons. One, we traded up and lost 2 picks we all had depended on having. And Two, We lost 2 picks BC of the trade up. So it took only 2 picks to get the top 3 winners. And here they are.

1st place = neko ..........2 players with 2 trade up

2nd place = USAF HART......2 players with 1 trade up

3rd place = ryantlantta....2 players with 0 trade up

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Knew I wasn't in the running, I believe that this is the 1st year I have not gotten a single 1 right in your game.

Yeah, Rob it was the hardest year ever to pick who we would take. One year some one got 4 picks , that has only happened one time. I can't believe that I did the same thing as last year. I took out Dent at literally the last 5 minutes. Just like last year I took out Spoon at the last 5 minutes of that game, and both times I could have tied with the most picks in the last two years. But as I said before , probably best I didn't win my own game. I did tie one year with the most picks..

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well it's nice to finally win, however getting only 2 correct feels rather weak. i'm kicking myself for downgrading Rodgers because of his 40 time. i felt certain we were getting a RB with lightning speed, and made an exception only with Dion Lewis. also, when the trade rumor was swirling Julio was a no-brainer. but...i will gladly don the crown for the year. :)

--maybe 1 or 2 UDFAs can emphasize the win. Bring on Herzlich & Vidal!

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nobody's fault but it really was not a fair test with the last minute trade up for Julio Jones. I'm sure the guy that won most likely changed his 20 players to include Julio - I was too lazy to change.

Also, would have not wasted my 20 picks w/ anybody that could go in 1st two rounds and would have loaded up on RBs and DEs that would go in round three and later - oh well.....glad we have Julio.

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