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I for one love this trade. First off welcome Julio Jones and the rest of the draft picks to our great organization. As I overviewed our depth chart and roster as a whole comparing it to not the competition of last year but potential greatness of the the team in its place in history, I saw that outside of White, Gonzo, and Turner, on offense, I was seeing nothing else that we could depend on. I saw two of our most pivotal games of the year lost because a top tier defensive coordinator with a bit of ability on the field knew where we were going when the game was on the line. I love Jenkins at times as a number two. and with the pure ability of Jones and White I could still at times see him at split end. But when we are trying to compete with the Juggernauts of the Nfl then we have to at least up to par with what the competition displays. I went through years of screaming for the Falcons to show this kind of commitment to winning. And im proud to have a gm who has the moxy to pull the trigger on such a deal. As a devout member of the Bulldog Nation, I do have an A.J. bias but since I first saw Julio countdown to signing day I always marveled at this guy. So now to have what I can call potentially one of the top wr duos in the league,(potentially comparable to Fitsgerald and Boldin), I am very proud of what we did as an organization. of course we still have some Free Agency needs. But look at from this perspective, look at our salary cap. look at whats available in at the reciever postion compared to what we got in the draft, now look at what was there at de in the draft. now look whats available in free agency. Those were two of our three biggest holes in our team last year. Aso would be great but can we afford him. (thats a side note) but in mximizing opportunity, I think the move was great. especially if we tryna make this curve and be competitive consistently instead of just praying for 8 and 8 seasons. now corner back Rb DE and TE. I dont think this reciever is a gamble at all. when we look at what we have with what we got i think this was great. Go TD!

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