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Did we fill our needs

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I think everyone on the board will agree our needs for 2011 were: Wr,TE,lb,Ol,cb

so lets start with Wr, we got a reciever that is far more talented than what we thought we'd get(did we give up too much, yes, Can Julio make us forget what we gave up, yes, but he better be in the top 3 of every category for Rookie wr's this year.

Te- well we didn't get one, is it a must need this year, no, would have been nice to pick one up, but not a must have need.

lb'r- well we got a third round lb'r which is where I thought we'd pick one up, I thought it would be a OLB with good speed, but i think we got, a mike peterson type, can play each lb'r spot and won't stick out like a sore thumb,ALA (owens) seviceable but not gonna make any pro bowls.

OL we got a decent player in the seventh, he needs time to bulk up, and work on his footwork, but i can see him getting some playing time in 2 years

Cb we whiffed on picking a corner, but I feel Owens and Franks are probably better than what we could have gotten in the 5th-7th, I'm a franks supporter, but not getting on the field last year has me worried about him, so i'm guessing a veteran Low cost FA will be added

IMO this years draft was not a very good one, but in years past I Have loved our draft but been disappointed in our FA pick ups, So this better be the year that we go out and own the FA market. TD you have me nervous, but you can settle all the fears of the draft with some big FA signings.

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