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Osama Bin Laden is DEAD, and the republicans are pissed because democrats got him. :lol:

oh shut up noones pissed because of who caught him Everyones happy that ******* is dead. I dont even like obama and his speech was amazing great. Republican right here not giving a ****.

btw democrats didnt get him. U.S forces got him

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hopefully national security and U.S embassies up the security. Unfortunately there is going to be retaliation. But we have the best warriors protecting Our country and people.

That's what I was referring to on the other thread. The battle is won but the war isn't over. I wasn't always a Minister. LOL!!!

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I am disappointed in you native. It saddens me that this is your take on what is a USA victory that WE AMERICANS can all celebrate. God Bless our country!!!

Should not be divided over a political ideology anyways. Native is a good guy and great poster. I wish folks could see this in context. It was meant to be funny. Maybe a wild blurp, but...

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