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Stop the crying!

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I've been reading these boards for years. As you can see this is my first post, so I'm more of a lurker. I love reading the thoughts and ideas of my fellow Falcon fans, but the negativity that I have been seeing over this Draft is beyond rediculous!

I have come to expect the media giving our franchise no respect, whether its from going 13-3 and still not beliving in us, or being bold and making a move like going up to get Julio Jones. I expect to come to the boards after the selection of one of the studs of the draft and see jubilation, instead of get non stop whining and complaining. When I heard the rumblings of a possible trade up for Jones or Green I was ESTATIC! The idea of adding either one to our offense was a scary thought because it opens everything up. Moving up 21 spots seemed like a pipe dream, but once it happened I was thrilled. People in the media, and people on this board alike are making such a big deal because it was "5" picks. We swapped ones, gave up a 2, 4, and future 1 and 4. I won't lie, I loved the structure TD has built when it comes to building a team through the draft, but I don't put so much stock in the two 4's. If anything I view this as our 2nd round pick and next years 1. We have enough players as is that are in that 4th round ilk.

People we were a 13-3 team last season! Now we add another weapon to Matt Ryans aresenal. The point is to make this team more dynamic and help in Ryans progression even more. Certain fans wanna complain that a reciever isn't going to help stop the packers offense, well news flash, neither is Brooks Reed or Jabaal Sheard.

The point is that nobody at 27 was going to help this team make an impact. Its obvious our Front Office wants to win and by making a move like this it shows they want the best of the best on their squad, and as a fan that makes me happy to be a part of this process. We didn't morgage our future, we still have picks picks in rounds 2,3,5,6,7 next year. I think our future is fine. Not to mention we're one of the youngest teams in the league and still have a plan of attack in Free Agency once it opens.

The lockout makes things more foggy since we focused on offense in the draft, and knowing that Thomas Dimitroff has won Executive of the Year 2 of the past 3 seasons makes me believe he knows a thing or two about building a team properly. So if all the complainers wanna jump this "sinking" ship because they think our GM is incompetent then good riddence. Don't come crawling back once we sign an impact DE and nickel corner to make this team complete.

/rant complete

Red and Black forever!

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Great first post but I'd counter that most of the negativity of true falcons fans was weeded out by yesterday afternoon. Most of us are either excited or at least quitely optimistic. 80% of whats left are trolls from other teams trying to stir the pot.

Welcome to the Board :)

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I mean this team doesn't need another developmental DE right now. This defense is young as it is. The addition of a DE like Ray Edwards would make this team legit. We need a guy whos done it before, not hold out hope and put pressure on the likes of a Brooks Reed to be the pass rushing savior.

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