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Thomas Dimitroff and Brass Monkey's

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I went into ballistic psycho puppy dog mode when TD made this

incredible high risk trade.

One Player >any 5. how many times in the history of the NFL has this

worked out ?

However said, the entire management of the Falcons was in agreement on making this move.

So if Julio by some chance becomes a "Bust" then TD should be safe from termination, and we

all will just have to Man Up and take it on the chin.

Dammed if you do, Dammed if ya Dont, and to the Risk takers go the rewards.

I also feel that the timing was right on taking this high risk move.

Ryan is entering his Prime and if this does not work out then we become a FA

based team for the next 2 years or until we regain draft positioning.

Im Good with it now, and to TD, you obviously had taken Murphy's Law into consideration.

I could ramble on but I wont.


ps ya got to have some balls to make this kinda move, and aint nobody ever gonna question that.

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I view the move like this: The Falcons needed a #2 receiver who was viewed as enough of a threat to take pressure off of White and instead of going with 'good enough' they went with a receiver that would be a #1 receiver on most other teams to complement White in order to drastically improve the entire offense. White can no longer be double teamed every play without the opposing DC feeling uncomfortable, Ryan has a reliable deep threat, the middle of the field has opened up for not only Gonzalez, the other tight ends, and the slot receivers but also for the running game, which itself has become a much greater threat with Rodgers now on the team. This offense will give opposing defenses headaches to try to deal with.

Likewise, it does help the defense somewhat. Remember the strength of the defense last season. It wasn't shutting down opposing offenses but rather generating turnovers. What is the best way to increase turnover opportunities? By putting pressure on the offense to throw the ball. That was why the 2009 Saints were so good. The offense would pile on points and force opposing offenses to keep up against a defense full of ball hawks.

Expect them to hit free agency very hard when it opens up to get the pieces they need on defense, specifically LDE.

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