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Cliff Matthews, DE-South Carolina - PFW Scouting Report

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I really hope we have enough training camp for these 7th rd picks to make the team. I will be upset if we try to put Matthews on the PS and he gets snapped up by someone else like the Bucs. We got lucky with Vance Walker and the Panthers. I really think Matthews can develop into atleast a nice back up if we keep him on the 53 man roster as the 5th DE as we typically have. Biermann pushed Anderson out of the starting line up last year and I hope he takes a big step in 2011. I also hope to see a lot more of Sidbury this year pushing Anderson out of his back up role. Anderson is already mentioned as a possible cut in a cost cutting move. Matthews could be our next developmental guy as long as Sidbury is ready to play. Matthews could have a year to get stronger and healthy and play the run the way we need him to in our system.

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I obviously like Clif Matthews or I would not have started this topic. I also had him as a 5th round pick in my mock draft.

The one thing that I see on the youtube tape that I don't like is it looks like Matthews runs kind of upright and stiff. That is not the end of the world but he does look a little stiff in this vid. Anybody else seeing that or is it just my imagination?

I remember we talked about him at length.

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