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Deandre McDaniel

Jeron Johnson

Jerrard Tarrant

Joe Lefeged

Deunta Williams


Mark Herzlich

Adrian Moten

Scott Lutrus

Michael Morgan

Mario Harvey

Wide Receiver

Vidal Hazelton

Kris Adams

Ricardo Lockette

Jeff Maehl

Tori Gurley

DeAndre Brown

Terrance Tolliver


Scott Tolzien

Jerrod Johnson

Adam Froman


Ryan Jones

Kendric Burnley


Schuylar Oordt


Derrick Locke

Mario Fannin

Darren Evans

Craig Cooper

Noel Devine

Armando Allen

Damien Berry


Tim Barnes (C/G)

Kris O'Dowd (C/G)

Willie Smith (T)

Butch Lewis (T/G)


Martin Parker

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I'm surprised half of these players went undrafted. I had most of these pegged as 5th-7th rounders.

I'd love to pick up the following players...

Darren Evans, RB, Virginia Tech

Butch Lewis, T/G, USC

Deandre McDaniel, S, Clemson

Ryan Jones, CB, Northwest Missouri State

Michael Morgan, OLB, USC

Scott Tolzien, QB, Wisconsin

Vidal Hazelton, WR, Cincinati

Jeff Maehl, WR, Oregon

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Definitely sucks about these kids not being able to make teams just yet. I'd go after any of those wide receivers, running backs or safeties in a heartbeat. Pretty sure we'll see one of those safeties on our team eventually, because we need depth at the position... and I'd love to see us bring Oordt into camp.

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there are the undrafted rookies

and the experienced vets; 2 types

of FREE AGENTS, now way too free.

lack of a CBA keeps them in limbo,

but then all players are in limbo.

We do expect CBA problems to get

solved in time for a season, so

it really just narrows the window.

CBA just before camp opens the window,

but I don't think teams will consider

as many with time running short.

I also think that vet free agents

lose leverage as time marches on

and are more likely to re-sign with

the team they were with last year.

rookie free agents just lose

time to make an impression during OTAs

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Tolliver is a Jenkins clone. McDaniels apparently beat his girlfriend up and threw her down a flight of stairs.

But give me Locke all day. I wasn't comfortable with us drafting him in the 1-4 rounds but I thought he was tremendous value later. Not better than Rodgers, but he handled the load and was a 2000yd man. Not easy to do, especially at his size.

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I'm very surprised Locke didn't get drafted. I thought he was projected in the 3rd or 4th round at some point. I wonder what happened. I also think Tori Gurley has a lot of potential. Hazleton and Lockette also have a lot of potential.

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Yea Locke and Tolliver caught me off guard... Devine also... Some dude on here told me i was crazy for ranking Devine as a 6th round pick.. I didnt think he would go undrafted tho....Darren Evans remind me of a lil faster version of Jason Snelling... DT Martin Parker has had a great post season... Thats Sidbury's boy also.. I wouldnt be surprised if we brought him in.

It looks like we basically know one of the guys we will bring in

Also the Marshall LB Mario Harvey... Dude ran a 4.47.. He is built like Spencer Adkins

I know former Southern California and Cincinnati receiver Vidal Hazelton has been told the Atlanta Falcons might have some interest in adding him if he wasn’t drafted elsewhere. Hazelton, who is coming off a major knee injury, wasn’t drafted. The Falcons added Julio Jones in the first round, so that may lessen their need at receiver. But they still could look at Hazelton as a backup or special-teams player and other teams may have him on their lists.
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- Why did several high profile players slide out of the draft or unexpectedly slip into the late rounds? Seemingly it centers around one word at this point; injuries. Tackle Lee Ziemba and tight end Virgil Green were both red-flagged with injuries as were running back Derrick Locke and receiver Terrance Toliver. This harkens back to something we posted and stated in interviews after breaking the story of Nick Fairley’s injury during the combine; teams were going to be leery selecting injured players in the draft when they could not monitor them due to the lockout.
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