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Thank you for helping stomp on the new Oklahoma/Ohio State, I only wish you guys woulda taken one of their big players out for the year so I didnt have to watch that choke artist school embarrass west coast football anymore.

Unfortunately like normal, Oregon will now morph back into the unstoppable, great play calling monster that they are EXCEPT in big games & run the table only to lose to Michigan or some other school in a BCS game. Darron Thomas will go back to making great decisions & being accurate instead of looking like a poor mans Sean Glennon, LaMichael James will actually run the ball instead of dancing at the line & falling down like a down syndrome patient & Chip Kelly will go back to being an incredible play caller instead of Mike Mularkey.

Between Oregon's inability to even show up in big games & LSU's offense that game was nearly un watchable.

Georgia's helmets saved the night, those were fresh as ****

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Guest Absconditus

lol I just came here to post this. McCoy could have a breakout year.

I hope so it's starting to sound like Manning may be out for more than one game. That's why I drafted McCoy probably a round before I could have had him. He looked great during preseason.

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