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First honest days work in a while. Whew.

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Decided to shake off the winter lazies and get to work.

The storms we had last weekend just destroyed the driveway, so I broke out the shovel and wheelbarrow and retrieve my gravel from the county road 89N. :P Need to get it scraped and re-graveled really but for now I just re-patched it until the next big gully washer. These rains and storms have been ridonkulous. Tornadoes everywhere in NC over the last weekend.

Then I moved on to the 'mater beds and cucumber beds. Removed the old winter cover of black grass blocker fabric and dry leaves and grass., put that into the compost pile after I removed enough compost to refresh my beds ( about a 50 gallon barrel full) and broke up the ground to get it ready for the new plants. Got Cucumbers from seed but the tomatoes I just buy every year from the corner store. Tomatoes tend to get too leggy inside and we have had such late cold spells it's less agrivation just to buy plants. But if I ever get my greenhouse built....

Anyway, all this stuff is harder work than I have done in a while so I'm a little sore. But the tomatoes will make it all worthwhile in a few months. Still gonna wait a week or two before setting them out because I am not sure we have had our last cold blast.

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I've learned my lesson from last year, I refuse to use anything but Mayo Seeds for Cucumbers, Okra, Bush Beans and most everything. Those dollar store deals on seeds are a joke, half of them I got last year weren't what they were supposed to be and the other half just didn't grow at all. I wont make that mistake again.

LOL, I will say this much, I had people ask me last year "Where did you get your squash plants from?", LOL, squash is so easy to grow I have always grown it from seed.

Time to get busy.

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