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Earthbound - SNES

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I already mentioned this game in the "favorite old school game" thread, but I really wanted some exclusive discussion on this game without hijacking the other thread. This game is absolutely epic, and has a very large cult following.

Just wanted to know if anyone else played this as a kid or even now and what you're thoughts are.




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If you have Earthbound with a working save battery you can get like $150 on eBay

I have an original copy I got way back in 90's as a kid. You can still save on the cartridge so I guess that means the "save battery" is working... but I would never sell... EVAARRR!

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I played Chrono Trigger. I played about an hour of it, but it just didn't hold my interest. I'm not really into all those medievil times stuff.

Earthbound was, one of the first, if not THE first RPG set in modern times. It just seems like Earthbound was a lot more realistic than all the other RPG's including Chrono Trigger.

I'm playing through Earthbound again and when I finish I think I'll try out Chrono Trigger again.

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