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Braves re-sign Proctor


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In less than a week, right-handed reliever and Jensen Beach resident Scott Proctor went from being an Atlanta player to a free agent and back to being a Brave — a Gwinnett Brave, that is.

Proctor, who has pitched just 5 innings since 2008 because of two elbow surgeries, was released from his major league contract Sunday, but re-signed with the Braves on a minor league deal three days later.

He reported to his new team, the Triple-A Gwinnett Braves, on Thursday.

The Martin County native said he considered some other options but ultimately felt he had the best chance of returning to the big leagues in the Braves system. Proctor pitched with Gwinnett in 31 games last year before getting a September call-up to Atlanta.

"The coaching staff has been one I've worked with before, and the Triple-A pitching coach is a guy I give a lot of credit to for getting me to the big leagues originally," Proctor said. "The chance to work with him, familiar surroundings, the opportunity to play for a championship team, those all factored in."

Gwinnett pitching coach Marty Reed helped develop Proctor when he was coming up through the Dodgers' minor leagues.

The Dodgers took him in the fifth round of the 1998 draft, and Proctor pitched for Reed in Single-A Vero Beach in 2000-01 and in Double-A Jacksonville in 2002-03.

By 2004, after being traded to the Yankees, Proctor made it to the big leagues.

Now, he is hoping to make a quick rise again.

"You never know how the season will go," said Proctor, who was one of two candidates for Atlanta's final bullpen spot before getting cut. "I feel confident if I go put up good numbers and get outs, there are always opportunities."

According to Palm City-based agent Mark Rodgers, Proctor's contract contains the same terms and conditions he had before he was released, except that it's a minor league contract.

He has a 45-day out period from April 1 to May 15 and then another out on June 15.

Proctor also can get out of the contract if another team wants him for its major league club, which is standard for a veteran, Rodgers said.

He still could potentially make $750,000 this season, as was the terms of his previous contract.

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