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Evaluating The Roster Heading Into The Draft

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QB-We're good

RB-Turner has a couple seasons left and Snelling is a good backup in the same mold. What's missing is a fast RB with receiving ability. Norwood has that skillset but has durability problems. Adding a receiving RB here opens it up for the TEs and WRs

FB-We're good

WR-Adding a WR with speed will open things up underneath for the other targets. Ideally someone with run after the catch ability to take the #2 spot from Jenkins

TE-Adding a talented TE to learn from Gonzo would be wise but we have greater needs

OL-With 3 potential FAs we could look to add some OL, specifically OTs

DE-Our biggest need on D and overall. Abe and Biermann will be back, maybe Sidbury, Davis will have a very hard time and Anderson is gone. If we drafted a DE in the first and in the 2nd-4th I would be very happy.

DT-We're good

LB-If Nicholas walks we'll need an OLB, depth is thin

CB-We need atleast 1 to compete for the nickel


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