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NFC South Chat with ESPN's Pat Yasinskas


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Colin (Green Bay, WI)

How can you honestly rank Tony Gonzalez #2 on you tight ends list? It must be because you write for NFC South.

Pat Yasinskas (1:01 PM)

Best tight end in the history of the game. That counts for something in my eyes. All right, chat is up and running. Fire away.

james (florida)what happened to lawrence sidbury last season?

Pat Yasinskas (1:03 PM)

Pretty much nothing -- that was the problem.

Mke (ATL)Hey Pat, you said in last weeks chat that you'd be putting up an article this week on how Bob Bratkowsk will help progress Matt Ryans play, still in the works?

Pat Yasinskas (1:06 PM)

Yep, I've got tape transcribed of Mike Smith talking about that at the owners meeting and will do an item on it at some point. Mr. Talib kind of pushed a few things back a little bit.

Keaton (Myrtle Beach, SC)

If free agency doesn't happen before the draft and the Falcons can't pick the change of pace back that they want, is there a chance we see Jerious Norwood back in red and black?

Pat Yasinskas (1:25 PM)

I really don't see that.

Jmoore (Atlanta)Steve Smith to the falcons for a 2nd round pick, Matt Ryan would be really great!!!!

Pat Yasinskas (1:28 PM)

Panthers aren't going to trade him in division.

Phillip (Atlanta, GA)Will Falcons trade up for an impact Defensive End?

Pat Yasinskas (1:58 PM)

Think that's a definite possibility. Dimitroff isn't afraid to be agressive and I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to leap frog Bucs and/or Saints.

Justin Houston (Atlanta, GA)Am I going to be in the NFC South this fall? if so, which city? Tampa? New Orleans? Atlanta?

Pat Yasinskas (1:59 PM)

Think you're a strong possibility in all three. Tampa's got first shot at you at the moment, so I'm thinking we might be neighbors soon.

Phillip (Atlanta, GA)Charles Johnson........what is your guess? stays in Charlotte or makes it to UFA and moves to Atlanta?

Pat Yasinskas (2:05 PM)

Stays in Charlotte. Panthers aren't letting him get away.

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I always miss the chat. We need more Falcons fans asking questions.

yeah, I was just in the chat for about 15 minutes out of whole hour and most of the questions were mine - I'm "Phillip" and "Justin Houston" :rolleyes:

I was in there by myself almost.....oh well, I was representin'

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