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I was just looking at the ESPN predictions and Jerry Crasnick is picking the Braves to win the World Series over the Red Sox! Heck yeah baby! :) Amy K. Nelson (who is really smokin' hot by the way) also picked the Braves to win the WS over the Red Sox!


And Steve Berthiaume is picking the Astros to win the NL Central? :huh: :blink:

I think I counted 33 people picking the Red Sox to win the whole thing and many of those picks over the Phillies.


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Was watching MLBN and Casey picked the Braves with win the NL but lose to the Sox in the WS.

The Sox are everyone's favorite and for good reason, I just don't see them winning it all because the Rays are going to be better than expected along with the O's and the Yankees will be there all season.

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