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Give Me the Downlow!

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Hey guys I have missed you all! I graduate the 31st but they gave us our phones for a Little today. It was fun as heck! I did a lot of crazy stuff but our training ended yesterday. Just cleaning our gear.

Anyway, just fill me in. I still like some prospects but who are our front runners for the draft. Mid round and first rounders?

I still want a DE or WR first.

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Hey Man

There seems to be a lot of people thinking we go with Justin Houston or Adrian Clayborn in the 1st

We looked at Aldon Smith and Allen Bailey, but Smith wont fall to us and Bailey is a 2nd rounder

It is hard to predict who we will go with, last year we didnt even go DE, so you never know what our staff is thinking

I think it will be DE 1 and WR 2

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Welcome back glad to here it was a good experience. As far as catching you up with all the talk thats been goin on your best bet is to check out the thread about players we have been talking to. Should pretty much catch you up for the most part.

Short version seems to be either taking Justin Houston (who i dont really prefer) , either trading up for someone like Ryan Kerrigan or Aldon Smith or trading back in the first. In the second we seem to be all about the explosive WRs such as Titus Young, Randall Cobb and Jerrell Jernigan

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Good to hear from you Man.

Like KS said it seems DE and WR are the two main spots.

At DE there is:

Adrian Clayborn from Iowa

Jabaal Sheard from Pitt (most don't think he will go 1st rd. but you never know.)

Justin Houston (Who might be gone)

Ryan Kerrigan (who likely will be gone)

at WR:

Torrey Smith from maryland

Leonard Hankerson from Miami (U)

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Wouldnt mind Houston and Jernigan, Young, or Cobb in the 2nd. Torrey Smith might be BPA. I need to see more of Hankerson. I don't remember how anyone plays anymore lol.

Did Hank have a good senior bowl showing? He got hyped up fast

Hank was basically the only person to catch the ball at the senior ball, he seemed to be in on every play

There are still questions on speed and hands though

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