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One of my favorite prospects

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This kid really caught my eye during the combine, not because of his 40 time but because of how he looked in the positional drills. Skrine looked smooth in the backpedal and natural flipping those hips. He reminded me of grimes, until I saw his highlights and saw that he bought a little more physical presence to his game. He looks like a quick twitch athlete that will be a great addition to our seconday unit. I really only have highlights so I am not as confident as I was last year when I boldly said that Devin McCourty was going to be a stud and IMO the best cb in the draft( just thought I would rep my own talent eval skills on y'all fellas lol). I really would like to draft this kid, along with Justin Houston

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I really like Buster as well. he's also one of the few mid round prospects I've seen that looks like he excels at playing man coverage. His coverage skills remind me very much of Grimes while his hits are very Willie Mo=ish. Here's my CB rundown for the 4th in my latest mock.

115 Buster Skrine CB Chattanooga 5-10 186 3-4 4.37 20

If you you havne't checked this guy out do your self a favor and look him up. Think Grimes

with the power to knock you on your A##. Also, the only CB that I've seen that actually


140 Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech 5-10 192 4 4.53 13

A little raw but reads plays well and has lots of experience taking the ball back to the QB.

133 Brandon Hogan CB West Virginia 5-10 192 4 4.43 19

Converted from WR so he has great hands and doesn't miss a chance at a pick. He also hits

like Willy Mo.

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His name really sticks out when you his see his combine #'s. I must confess I have not seen 1 second of Chattanooga football tape so everything I say is simply an opinion formed around "hear say."

Mayock was talking about Buster Skrine the other day. He said after his combine he had a buzz around him b/c of his 40 times. Everyone had to go back and look at the tape. The tape shows him get burned constantly on deep plays. He was burned for 2 TD's in the 1st quarter against Auburn and then a 3rd deep pass where he fell down in the 1st quarter. Good thing Auburn quit throwing the ball since they were up by so much.

Based on Mayock's review this seems to be a case of where every good track guy is not necessarily a good football player. He gives him a 5th or 6th round grade as a developmental CB.

Here is my take. He does have some raw upside where good coaching could make him a steal. You just can't expect early production from a guy like him. I could understand taking him in the late 4th round if he interviews well and seems capable of learning b/c he has plenty to learn about playing CB at the NFL level. If Skrine does not interview well or seem capable of learning and being coached hard then I pass on him.

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