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This sparked a thought...

There's a similar story brewing out of Athens, GA from a former QB turned WR, Logan Gray. I am not suggesting anything and I did not attend Georgia, however the Pro Day reports have Gray running a very fast 40 and the guy has often been referred at one of if not the best all around, finely conditioned athletes at GA.

Meier doesn't appear to have separation speed in your video (run down several times) and it stands to reason he will lose a step coming off major, reconstructive knee surgery. Logan could be someone to think about in the 5-7 rounds or even may go undrafted and we bring him in as an undrafted FA. His measurables may be better than Meier, who knows?

Everything beyond this should go to our defense! wink.gif

Edit/update: I just checked and even though he graduates in May it looks like he may transfer somewhere so he can play QB in his final year of eligibility. Oh well...

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Meier is not going to be an explosive WR. IMO he'll be a more versatile version of Brian Finneran. I don't think he'll be as effective at the goal line as Finn tho. Meier will bring a different element we haven't seen in a while if ever if used right. There will be a trick play element he brings to the table. But, if you think he'll stretch the field solely as a WR, you're mistaken.

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Man, I loved watching that QB play. As for Meier, he is a great receiver but I think he's more suited to the slot than the outside where he can use more of his quickness than speed. Plus, he's a mis-match there. Too big for most DBs and too crafty for LBers.

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