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Falcons anxious to get Meier in offense

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I agree with you, may be a #4 right now. I honestly I'm not going to get excited about a 5th round draft pick until he plays like a 2nd or 3rd rounder. That is part of the Falcons problem now. Every year people seem to think that there is some middle or late round guy that is going to be a star.

I ask myself, what is wrong with the picture? I wish we were talking about Mike Johnson, Sean Weatherspoon, Peria Jerry, Chris Owens, Chevis Jackson and Harry Douglass and being really excited about them. Some of these guys are not here, some lost time to injury and others have not stepped up or earned a shot yet. These are the guys that you need to hit on consistently. If you are not excited about these guys yearly then you will not be in a position to compete and go deep into the playoffs.

Because on this board, the higher you are drafted, the shorter amount of time you have before they write you off. Jerry has already been written off by many, yet Troy Bergeron was always rooted for to grab a WR spot.

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Matt Jones = Dope fiend

Meier and Jones should never be compared...

i think i made the addiction clear in my post.

doesnt change the fact that they are both tall, QB converts to WR.

Like i said, Jones prolly knocked a couple tenths off his 40 by getting coked up before his forty, lol.

Jones was a definite NFL talent, just didn't have it between the ears.

Meier seems to be better in route running than Jones was though.

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All falcon fans can be encouraged by this article. I wouldn't have expected anything less from Meier. Losing a blood brother and being drafted only a week later is quite remarkable to say the least. Talk about emotion. Then to suffer a devastating, career threatening injury soon after is almost unfathomable. He's a man who will probably not want to discuss or take credit for a comeback imo. But, quietly, he will earn the respect of his team mates. He just wants to prove to them that he belongs. He will just want to join them on the field and be counted as a contributor. I know one thing. He will inspire us all when its said and done and he will solidify this falcons unit w/ a bond stronger than super glue.

Sounds like an episode of Spartacus Blood in the Sand! Lol! Kerry Meier a.k.a. The New Spartacus! Hip-Hip...

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