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***** Draftnut57's Eleventh annual Draft Game *****

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Alright , It is one month until the draft so you'll have plenty of time to figure out who you want as your 20 players. Simply put your 20 players down. No special order, It does not matter where or when they will be picked. Last year it took the 2nd tie breaker for the top winner. 4 of us got 3 players that were taken , I happen to luck up and be one of those 4.

1st tie breaker is to Write down what position we will take in each round.You'd think that would have been enough of a tie breaker, But not so.

2nd tie breaker will be do we trade up or down once? Twice? None. You could for example put trade up once and down once, Up twice, Or no trades at all.

Good luck ... This makes the Draft a lot more fun also. Because I alway put players I think we need and the ones I want, and hope that TD will see the same ones I do.

This game Thread will be locked the night before the draft at 12 midnight. No editing will be allowed after this time. Thanks.........Draftnut57


1.Write down 20 players You think we will Draft. No special order.

2.First tie breaker=Write down what position we take and in what order we take them. 1st Pick LB, 2nd pick OT, 3rd Pick C 4th Pick S, etc. Note , if we trade up or down and say for example we end up with a 2nd round pick. We will still go by what positions you picked for us to take in the order you choose. We will know exactly what picks we have within the next few days. WE may even find out today. This worked well last year. If we end up with 8 or 9 picks then you write down what the first 8 or 9 picks will be and in the correct place. Doesn't matter if we have a trade up or down. If we end up with an extra pick because of a trade down , that last pick will not be considered in the tie breaker.

3.Second tie breaker= Trade up once and down once. just an example

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1. Torrey Smith

2. Brooks Reed

3. Jerrell Jernigan

4. Colin McCarthy

5. Derrick Locke

6. Da'Rel Scott

7. Noel Devine

8. Kendall Hunter

9. Leonard Hankerson

10. Dwayne Harris

11. Denarius Moore

12. Titus Young

13. Jordan Cameron

14. Akeem Dent

15. Lance Kendricks

16. Kyle Rudolph

17. Chris Conte

18. Mike Mohammed

19. Jalil Brown

20. Justin Roper

1 - WR

2 - DE

3 - TE

4 - LB

5 - RB

6 - OL

7 - DT

7 - CB

7 - QB

Trade up once, trade down once

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1-Gabe Carimi

2-Marcus Gilbert

3-Kyle Rudolph

4-Leonard Hankerson

5-Adrian Clayborn

6-Jeral Jernigan

7-Jon Baldwin

8-Edmund Gates

9-Randall Cobb

10-Ricardo Lockette

11-Ryan Williams

12-Kendall Hunter

13-Ryan Kerrigan

14-Justin Houston

15-Brooks Reed

16-Jordan Cameron

17-Akem Dent

18-Mason Foster

19-Rashard Carmichael

20-Buster Skrine










1 trade up

1 trade down

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Scott Tolzien QB

DeMarco Murray RB

Alex Green RB

Da'Rel Scott RB

Torrey Smith WR

Randall Cobb WR

Denarius Moore WR

Kyle Rudolph TE

Nate Solder OT

Derek Sherrod OT

Gabe Carimi OT

Danny Watkins OG

Ryan Kerrigan DE

Akeem Ayers OLB

Bruce Carter OLB

KJ Wright OLB

Brian Rolle OLB

Doug Hogue OLB

Brandon Harris CB

Jimmy Smith CB

1 - CB

2 - WR

3 - OLB

4 - RB

5 - OT

6 - RB

7 - QB

7 - OG

7 - P

1 trade up

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QB T.J. Yates, North Carolina

HB Taiwan Jones, Eastern Washington

HB Derrick Locke, Kentucky

HB Noel Devine, West Virginia

WR Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburgh

WR Jerrel Jernigan, Troy

WR Titus Young, Boise State

WR Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian

WR Dwayne Harris, East Carolina

TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame

TE Virgil Green, Nevada

DE Justin Houston, Georgia

DE Jabaal Sheard, Pittsburgh

DE Allen Bailey, Miami

LB Akeem Dent, Georgia

CB Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson

CB Rashad Carmichael, Virginia Tech

CB Buster Skrine, Tennessee-Chattanooga

CB DeMarcus Van Dyke, Miami

S Jeron Johnson, Boise State

1st tie breaker:

1. DE

2. WR

3. HB

4. CB

5. TE

6. LB

7. (from DET) QB

7. S

7. (from NE) OT

2nd tie breaker: no trades

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1 Ryan Kerrigan, DE

2 Justin Houston, DE

3 Jerrel Jernigan, WR

4 Leonard Hankerson, WR

5 Sam Acho, DE

6 Ryan Williams, RB

7 Marcus Gilbert, OT

8 Jordan Cameron, TE

9 Rashad Carmichael, CB

10 Kendall Hunter, RB

11 Derrick Locke, RB

12 Casey Matthews, LB

13 Jeron Johnson, S

14 Doug Hogue, LB

15 Denarious Moore, WR

16 Edmund Gates, WR

17 Demarco Murrey, RB

18 Virgil Green, TE

19 Kyle Rudolph, TE

20 Vidal Hazelton, WR

1. DE

2. WR

3. RB

4. TE

5. OT

6. LB

7. FS

7. WR

7. QB

Trade up once

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1.Torrey Smith

2.Justin Houston

3.Leonard Hankerson

4.Jerrnel Jernigan

5.Derek Sherrod

6.Ras I dowling

7.Demarco Murray

8.Derrick Locke

9.Noel Devine

10.Cameron heyward

11.Ricardo Lockette

12.Adrian Claybourn

13.Cliff Matthews

14.Sam Acho

15.Bruce Carter

16.Mark Herzlich

17.Casey Matthews

18.Mike Mohamed

19.Ian Williams

20.AJ Green

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1- Justin Houston

2- Jerrel Jernigan

3- Dwayne Harris

4- Sam Acho

5- Adrian Clayborn

6- Aldon Smith

7- Rashad Carmichael

8- Marcus Gilchrist

9- Lawrence Wilson

10- Edmund Gates

11- Ryan Kerrigan

12- Brooks Reed

13- Kendall Hunter

14- Shane Vereen

15- Derrick Locke

16- Lance Kendricks

17- Luke Stocker

18- Kyle Rudolph

19- Jordan Cameron

20- Virgil Green

1st- DE

2nd- WR

3rd- LB

4th- TE

5th- CB

6th- RB

7th- LB

7th- S

7th- OL

One trade down

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1. B. Reed DE

2. A. Bailey DE

3. T. Smith WR

4. J. Baldwin WR

5. G. Little WR

6. R. Cobb WR

7. J. Jernigan WR

8. E. Gates WR

9. B. Harris CB

10. M. Gilchrist CB/S

11. B. Skrine CB

12. R. Jones CB

13. D. Locke RB

14. A. Green RB

15. N. Devine RB

16. M. Fannin RB/FB

17. D. Sherrod T

18. L. Ziemba T

19. J. Thomas TE

20. S. Oordt TE

Here is my order for what position and in what round:

1st - DE

2nd - WR

3rd - CB

4th - TE

5th - RB

6th - OL

7th - OLB

7th - QB

7th - S

extra pick if trade down - OT

1 trade down & 1 trade up

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Let's See Here

Mikel Leshoure

Justin Houston

Ryan kerrigan

Allen Bailey

Randall Cobb

Jerrel Jerningan

Jonathan baldwin

Virgil Green

Curtis Marsh

Rashad Carmichael

Marcus Gilbert

Derrick Locke

Da'rel Scott

Riccardo Lockette

Edmud Gates

Bruce Carter

Mason Foster

Adrian Claybourne

Jordan Cameron

Julius Thomas.


1st. Trade Down into early second and accquire an extra 4th

2nd. DE

2nd. WR

3rd. OLB

4th. CB

4th. OT

5th. TE

6th. RB

7th. SS

7th. FS

7th. WR

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1. Justin Houston

2. Titus Young

3. Edmund Gates

4. Allen Bailey

5. Randall Cobb

6. Jerrnel Jernigan

7. Lee Ziemba

8. Derrick Locke

9. Dontay Moch

10. Jonathan baldwin

11. Mario Fannin

12. Marcus Gilbert

13. Brooks Reed

14. Jordan Cameron

15. Noel. Devine

16. Kyle Rudolph

17. Shane Vereen

18. Armon Binns

19 Vidal Hazleton

20. James Carpenter

2a. DE

2b. LB

3. TE

4. WR

5. OT

6a. RB

6b. CB

7. WR

We trade out of the 1st for an early extra 2nd and a 6th.

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1. Justin Houston, DE - Georgia

2. Allen Bailey, DE - Miami

3. Greg Romeus, DE - Pittsburgh

4. Markell Carter, DE - Central Arkansas

5. Greg Little, WR - UNC

6. Edmund Gates, WR - Abilene Christian

7. Ricardo Lockette, WR - Fort Valley State

8. Taiwan Jones, RB - E. Washington

9. Da'Rel Scott, RB - Maryland

10. Mario Fannin, RB - Auburn

11. Mason Foster - LB - Washington

12. Doug Hougue, LB - Syracuse

13. Mike Mohammed, LB - California

14. Akeem Dent, LB - Georgia

15. Marcus Gilchrist, CB - Clemson

16. Buster Skrine, CB - Chattanooga

17. Byron Maxwell, CB - Clemson

18. Demarcus Van Dyke, CB - Miami

19. Jordan Cameron, TE - Southern California

20. Virgil Green, TE - Nevada










Trade back once, trade up once

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1. DE Allen Bailey

2. DE Jabaal Sheard

3. DE Adrian Clayborn

4. WR Randall Cobb

5. WR Edmund Gates

6. WR Jerrel Jernigan

7. WR Dwayne Harris

8. WR Titus Young

9. CB Demarcus Van Dyke

10. CB Rashad Carmichael

11. CB Marcus Gilchrist

12. RB Noel Devine

13. RB Mario Fannin

14. RB Derrick Locke

15. LB Mike Mohamed

16. LB Akeem Dent

17. LB Casey Mathews

18. QB Adam Weber

19. QB TJ Yates

20. C Colin Baxter










Trade up once.

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Defensive End(5):

Brooks Reed,Arizona(1st)

Adrian Clayborn,DE-Iowa (1st)

Jabaal Sheard-Pittsburgh (2nd)

Justin Houston-Georgia (2nd)

Allen Bailey-Miami (2nd)


Akeem Dent,OLB-Georgia (5th)

Mike Mohammed,OLB-California (5th)


Marcus Gilchrist,CB-Clemson (3rd)

Rashard Carmichael,CB-Virginia Tech (3rd)

Running Back(4):

Ryan Williams,RB-Virginia Tech(2nd)

Kendall Hunter,RB-Oklahoma State (3rd)

DeMarco Murray, RB-Oklahoma (3rd)

Taiwan Jones,RB-Eastern Washington (4th)

Wide Receiver(4):

Greg Little,WR-North Carolina (2nd)

Titus Young,WR-Boise State (2nd)

Jerrel Jernigan,WR-Troy (2nd)

Edmund Gates, WR-Abilene Christian (3rd)

Tight End(3):

Kyle Rudolph,TE-Notre Dame (1st/2nd)

Virgil Green,TE-Nevada (3rd)

Jordan Cameron,TE-USC (5th)

Here is my order for what position and in what round:

1st - DE

2nd - WR

3rd - CB

4th - RB

5th - TE

6th - OLB

7th - OL

7th - WR

7th - S

extra pick if trade down - total: 10

1 trade down & 1 trade up

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1. Julio Jones WR Alabama

2. Allen Bailey DE Miami

3. Jabaal Sheard DE Pittsburgh

4. Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa

5. Brooks Reed DE Arizona

6. Leonard Hankerson WR Miami

7. Gregory Salas WR Hawaii

8. Jerrel Jernigan WR Troy

9. Ricardo Lockette WR Fort Valley State

10 Torrey Smith WR Maryland

11 Luke Stocker TE Tennessee

12 Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame

13 Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin

14 Chris Hairston OT Clemson

15 Clint Boling OG Georgia

16 Marcus Gilbert OT Florida

17 Lee Ziemba OT Auburn

18 Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA

19 DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma

20 Anthony Allen RB Georgia Tech

1 DE

2 WR

3 TE

4 OT

5 RB


7 WR

7 OG


Trade up one time and down one time

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1. Ryan Kerrigan

2. Adrian Clayborn

3. Jerrel Jernigan

4. Leonard Hankerson

5. Ryan Williams

6. Kyle Rudolph

7. Rashad carmichael

8. Torrey smith

9. Jordan todman

10. Zach hurd

11. Luke kendricks

12. Sam acho

13. Marcus gilchrist

14. Van dyke

15. Mike mohamad

16. Kj wright

17. Virgil green

18. Allen bailey

19. Edmund gates

20. Derrick locke

De, wr, cb,rb, te, olb, ot

Trade up once

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Here's my best guess:

1. Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri

2. Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida

3. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

4. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

5. Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky

6. Torey Smith, WR, Maryland

7. Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

8. Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia

9. DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma

10. Jordan Toman, RB, Connecticut

11. Marcus Gilchrist, S, Clemson

12. Cortez Allen, CB, The Citadel

13. Greg Little, WR, N. Carolina

14. Clint Boling, OG, Georgia

15. Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU

16. Casey Matthews, LB, Oregon

17. Jordan Cameron, TE, USC

18. Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State

19. Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina

20. Lee Ziemba, OT, Auburn

Tie-breaker #1:

1. CB

2. WR

3. RB

4. LB

5. OG

6.(from Det) S

6. TE

7. OT

7.(from NE) TE

Tie-breaker #2:

Trade up once and trade down once.

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1.Da'Quan Bowers

2.Justin Houston

3.Adrian Claybourn

4.leonard Hankerson

5.Torrey Smith

6.Randall Cobb

7.Demarco Murray

8.Shane Vereen

9.Derrick Locke

10.Kyle Rudolf

11.Virgil Green

12.Anthony Castonzo

13.Jonathan Baldwin

14.Demarcus Love

15.Sam Acho

16.Greg Romeus

17.Allen Bailey

18.Mark Herzlich

19.Rashad Carmichael

20.Ras I dowling

Tie breaker











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1-Gabe Carimi

2-Torrey Smith

3-Muhammed Wilkerson

4-Kyle Rudolph

5-Ryan Kerrigan

6-Mason Foster

7-Akeem Dent

8-Buster Skrine

9-Marcus Gilchrist

10-Mistral Raymond

11-Shane Vereen

12-Leonard Hankerson

13-Bilal Powell

14-Damien Berry

15-Derrick Locke

16-Dwayne Harris

17-Alex Linnenkohl

18-Clint Boling

19-Kai Forbath

20-Reid Forrest










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