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Amobi Okoye Not Expected To Be With Texans Next Year...

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I too wanted Okoye in the 2007 draft. Surprising that they may give up on him at 23. After all this would be there year he should be in the draft. I would have no problem picking him up for a later draft pick, a JA98 swap works for both teams, or if he is cut signing him. I would be thrilled with Babineaux, Jerry, Peters, and Okoye rotating at the DT spot.

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he is a bust just like Anderson. He had a decent first half a rookie season, and has been abysmal since.

I wouldn't want him.

I would guess he is getting moved mainly because they are going 3-4 though. But to not even give him a shot at DE there?

Maybe they want to swap him for JA98?

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if we trade w/ Texans, we should trade them our 2007 1st round bust(Jamal Anderson) for their 1st round bust(Amobi Okoye). It would actually make sense for Texans too because JA98 is ideally suited to be a 3-4 DE and that is the defense the Texans are switching to anyway.

That would be hilarious! :lol:

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